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Legacy Carnival

Trinidad & Tobago





76 Roberts Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad W.I.


A Bit About Legacy Carnival

LEGACY is best known as one of the longest running Mas Bands in Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. As an All-Inclusive band, Legacy provides the right mix of great "vibes" and efficient service for a wonderful Trini Carnival experience.


Legacy is also a major designer and producer of Carnival Costumes for festivals all over the globe. Legacy produces and stages entertainment segments for special events including corporate, diplomatic and cultural events. Contact us at or 1-868-362-5959 / 1-868-338-8208 for further information.


Can I register additional people along with myself?
Of course! Group registrations are available and easily accessible online and at Legacy Carnival Mas Camp.
Is there priority registration online for past masqueraders?
Past and present masqueraders can both register online hassle free.
Is there LEGACY CARNIVAL representatives in other countries who I can pay to ensure registration for the presentation?
LEGACY CARNIVAL has affiliate members that reside internationally. Nevertheless we ask that you please email us at for further information.
What payment methods will be accepted for registration?
Presently accept CASH, LINX, MONEYGRAM payments.. Payments via VISA, MASTER CARD, and ONLINE methods are also available. 
Can I get a refund for my costume deposit for any reason?
Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Can I get frontline head pieces, etc with my backline costume?
At present Frontline costume pieces are not optional for backline purchase.
Will LEGACY CARNIVAL provide a route map for Monday & Tuesday?
We provide creative ways to enhance your road experience. Example: BAND LOCATER SERVICES (BLS) is accessible to masqueraders only.   
What information is required for registration?
Masqueraders must provide the following information for registration:
General Info:
• Name
• Date of Birth
• Email Address (one per masquerader)
• Phone Number (including area code)
• Meal Preference:  Fish, Chicken or Veggie
Females must also provide:
• Bra Size
• Underwear Style: Bikini, Thong, Monokini, Etc
• Underwear Size
• Belt / Wrap Size
Males must also provide:
• Pants Size (Waist)
• Chest Size: S, M, L, Etc.

Can someone else collect a costume on my behalf?
Yes they can, it’s understandable that some masqueraders may not have the time, or be in the country to collect at distribution time, so just have your representative collect your costume with a detailed signed letter, a receipt and a copy of your Valid ID. We will request a Valid ID from your authorized person as well.
I missed my distribution date for my section. What are my options?
You can collect your costume at a later date but please note that your wait time maybe longer as the scheduled section distribution on that date will be given priority.
Where can I find future updates about the band after I’m registered?
LEGACY CARNIVAL will contact you directly; please also catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.
I have a question that was not addressed above, who can I contact for more information?
Please email queries Please note that due to the influx of emails we receive on a daily basis it may take an hour or 2 to receive a response.

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